Piave Wineries Road

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Strada Vini del Piave (Piave Wineries Road)

The Strada Vini del Piave (Piave Wineries road) runs along both sides of the Piave River, from Roncade to Portobuffolè, from Conegliano to Motta di Livenza and on until Noventa di Piave, continuing towards the Venice Province. We have three themed itineraries that we like to suggest, all aiming to help one understand the various settlements, different traditions and to taste the excellent wines and local products.

The Piave territory is one of the largest DOC (Controlled Designation of Origin) areas in Northern Italy. The area has a varied terrain and microclimate, and thanks to this it is possible to produce a large number of very distinct wines. There are many different vineyards in the area and each one is worth a visit.


For further information: http://www.stradavinidelpiave.com